...and his girl left behind. Justin Chambers is going to Antarctica as a chef, and leaving behind all that is normal, for a whole year. Together, but apart, we will document our experiences (well, he'll give me the info verbally and I will turn that in to a blog post!!) as we live in two quite different worlds for those 12 months.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Anaesthetist

Justin has been away for 8 days now, doing medical training in Hobart. At the beginning of the training they were assigned their roles in the operating theatre and Justin had thought that he would like to take on that of anaesthetist so was pleased when that is what he ended up with. Since then he has spent time nearly every day in theatre and has seen some remarkable surgeries including two caesarian sections, skin grafts and today a gastric bypass. Sharing the hospital with fully fledged and training medical staff has been an incredible experience for Justin and his colleagues and they are very aware of the privileged position they are in and the behaviour expected of them during their time there. I am absolutely blown away with what he has been learning and amazing experiences they've had. I am extremely proud of the way in which he has taken everything in and the way I know he will be conducting himself in the hospital environment. Much respect.

In addition to the hospital training, Justin has met fellow Davis base employees and had the opportunity to talk to people who have already been down to the Antarctic in the past few years. The knowledge that they are able to pass on is invaluable to Justin's preparations.

As for me, I have had a couple of not bad, but sad days when I have thought a lot about how it is going to be being on my own for so long but have decided that the only way to get by is going to be to stay focussed on what I want to achieve and take each day as it comes. I know there will be tough days but I will accept it as being a part of Justin's dream and know that I can handle it.

Just yesterday my friend Jenny and I took to some of the trees in our backyard with the chainsaw (having NEVER used a chainsaw before!) and took care of some brutal pruning. Bring it on!

We (Mr Bear and I) are very much looking forward to Justin's return this Saturday - even if it is only for a few days before he heads to Bali for some serious surfing!

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