...and his girl left behind. Justin Chambers is going to Antarctica as a chef, and leaving behind all that is normal, for a whole year. Together, but apart, we will document our experiences (well, he'll give me the info verbally and I will turn that in to a blog post!!) as we live in two quite different worlds for those 12 months.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Less than two days to go

Bali was great, thanks for asking. Loved it, loved it, loved it. There was not really going to be any other outcome! Big thanks to Justin's parents for making the trip from Riyahd. We all had a great time together.
And now, Justin leaves in just two days time to commence his Antarctic training in Tasmania. Time really has flown.

I knew from the beginning, when Justin first started the interview process, that they were lucky to have a candidate like him apply for the role of chef in Antarctica.
Our experiences 'on the road' catering for bands on tour pushed us to our very limits. Setting up kitchen and dining room in all sorts of weird and wonderful places like a shower block(!!!), dealing with crazy eating habits and dietary requirements (one dancer could not have any of the food on her plate touch anything else on same plate!), liasing with all and sundry trying to do our best to get it right for everyone from truck drivers, management, entourage to artists. We did it all, working with people who spoke little to no English, shopping in countries where a lot of what we were used to was not available and as a result having to make last minute menu changes and living the whole rock and roll lifestyle (well... let's say to an extent), on and off tour buses and in and out of hotels.
It's a pretty surreal little world and that is what I think has set Justin up to do well in this next job. Not that he is there yet but it seems as though he is going to continually try to come up with new ideas to keep things fresh for a small group of people with different likes and dislikes. They have a good hydroponic crop down there that will hopefully continue - lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, herbs etc. I plan to document Justin's challenges when it comes to menus, food storage etc as he works his way through the year.
Today is packing day and although we started out rather conservatively, a lot has been added as we go. It is a whole year after all and having never been before, we can't be sure as to the extent of the activities they will get up to... so best pack for everything we can think of!!

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