...and his girl left behind. Justin Chambers is going to Antarctica as a chef, and leaving behind all that is normal, for a whole year. Together, but apart, we will document our experiences (well, he'll give me the info verbally and I will turn that in to a blog post!!) as we live in two quite different worlds for those 12 months.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cucumbers and firemen

When is a cucumber not a cucumber?  Why when it's a zucchini, of course!  After thinking I had planted a cucumber plant, I gave it a good water today and was admiring the speed at which it has taken off. I took another look at the tag and lo and behold, I have a zucchini plant!  Even better since now I get to use the flowers as well.  Oh, Jamie Oliver, how you have inspired me.

I have lost my chef but next weekend gain another when Swiss Christoph arrives to stay with me for 4 weeks.  He is coming to learn english at Global Village here in Noosa.  I must have known something on Friday morning when I put on my Swiss t-shirt... I got a call from Global Village asking if I would take another Swiss student - arriving the same day that Christoph leaves.  Hell, why not aye?? 

Still, am not doing too bad myself in the kitchen.  Have just taken a GREAT smelling lasagne out of the oven and am sterilising some jars for a bread and butter pickle made with a recipe from when I was a kid staying at my friends' place - Diane and Nicola Mitchell.  Their mum used to make this and we delighted in having it on our cold meat sandwiches.  (I only recently 'found' Diane and Nicola again after a number of years out of contact and I can't say how comforting it is to have childhood friends in my life again even if it is only via facebook, phone and email at the moment.  Totally worth the time and effort to be back in touch!) 

Justin has had a busy week with another ahead.  Fire training took up two days last week and tomorrow is the first of another four, ending in a 9am-10pm day to train when they are tired and in the dark of night.  They will be entering burning buildings and having to do rescues.  Scary stuff if you ask me.  Last weekend, he did a First Aid course and is now a certified First Aider.  Today, Sunday, he spent packing up the last of his cargo, including the rest of his wine allocation and delivering it to the AAD.  It has to be delivered to the wharf by this Friday at the latest and with fire training Monday-Thursday, that doesn't leave a lot of time. 

It's great to be able to talk every day - more than once - at the moment but soon I am going to have to get used to a couple of phone calls a week.  Due to a trial currently, it is not expensive for Justin to call me from Antarctica.  I went online today to check what it would cost me to phone him and with our current provider... a mere $3.18 per minute!!!  Guess Antarctica is not in too much demand as a phone destination.  Telstra do offer a better deal so I will have to look in to that further.

Well, I have a pickle to finish and a lasagne to enjoy with big brother, Brian, and enjoy I will.  Here's to a busy week ahead. Jo

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