...and his girl left behind. Justin Chambers is going to Antarctica as a chef, and leaving behind all that is normal, for a whole year. Together, but apart, we will document our experiences (well, he'll give me the info verbally and I will turn that in to a blog post!!) as we live in two quite different worlds for those 12 months.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

60th Parallel

"We had our 60th parallel crossing today at 2:30. It started during the end of a briefing in the mess..........................there was a faint noise coming from somewhere on the ship.It grew louder and more audible as an evil scientist style laugh..... then the crew of 5 came around the corner......painted blue and wearing long messy hair, paper skirts, shorts and assorted capes etc.....Within this loud and gregarious crowd, King Neptune made his presence known.

One of his minions had a salmon draped down his arm and maybe 2-3 salmon skins tucked into his shorts. Around 6 at a time we were made to kneel in front of Neptune, kiss his feet and receive kisses and rubs from the salmon. Crap from a bucket was poured over our heads ....this crap seemed to contain, seeds, nuts, pips, fish, grease trap leftovers, anchovies, scraps and scrapings. It smelt sweet and fishy.

After we all finished receiving the initiation, everybody ran upstairs to grab a shower and launder their clothes.........the washing machines and dryers are still going as I write. We have followed this up with a bbq on the trawl deck. It was lovely........a little cold but nice. We got to drink a couple of beers and eat burgers whilst standing under falling snow looking out at the pack ice and bergs."

Photo credit sodahead.com

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